Yoga retreat coming up February 2023 in Barbados. Stay tuned for more details!

ALL CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD for the month of MAY 2022. Check back for June 2022!!

Usual schedule: Most of our classes are now in-person with plenty of space, and some classes are still happening on Zoom. If you wish to practice virtually, please download the free app and join our Barbados yoga community from wherever you are! Please note class times are in Atlantic Standard Time:

Monday Vinyasa Flow 9:30-10:30am (Castaways and/or on Zoom)

Tuesday Slow Flow 9:30-10:30am (Castaways)

Wednesday Gentle Stretch 9:30-10:30am (Castaways)

Thursday Strong Flow 9:30-10:30am (Castaways)

Thursday Restorative Bliss 5:00-6:00pm (Zoom)

Friday Gentle Stretch 9:30-10:30am (Castaways)

Saturday Vinyasa Flow 9:30-10:30am (Castaways)

Sunday SUP Yoga 8:00-9:00am (Port St Charles)

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