The style of yoga I teach is Vinyasa flow, which links together movement and breath using fluid transitions to move between poses. These classes bring together elements of strength, stability, and flexibility, offering plenty of movement and sweat, as well as breathing techniques and meditation. Most classes are geared toward level 1/2 students. All levels are welcome, and beginners as well a more advanced yogis will find a calm, beautiful space to practice in, leaving the mat feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.


If you’re looking for a more restorative practice, I also teach a weekly Restorative Bliss class which really focus on slowing down, breathing deeply, rejuvenating the mind, and re-lengthening the muscles.


Private classes are available upon request and can be structured to suit your personal level and experience.


All classes are 60 minutes long, however private classes can be shorter or longer depending on your preference. And I always have extra mats, so please let me know in advance if you’d like to reserve one  at no extra charge!


SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) yoga is once a week at the beautiful Port St. Charles or at Batts Rock Beach. These classes are taught with the same Vinyasa Flow style, but modified to make it more accessible while balancing on a floating object!


Current Schedule:

Monday Vinyasa Flow 9-10am @ Castaways

Tuesday Sunrise Vinyasa Flow 6-7am @ St. Lawrence Beach Condos

Wednesday Vinyasa Flow 9-10am @ Castaways

Wednesday Restorative Bliss 5-6pm @ St. Lawrence Beach Condos

Wednesday Dude Yoga (guys only!) 10-11am @ Castaways

Thursday Vinyasa Flow 5-6pm @ St. Lawrence Beach Condos

Friday Vinyasa Flow 9-10am @ Castaways

Saturday Vinyasa Flow 9-10am @ varying locations

Sunday Dude Yoga (guys only!) 9-10am @ Castaways

SUP Yoga @ Batts Rock or Port St. Charles (day, time, and location vary based on interest in class)


Please book classes in advance so I can let you know about any changes or updates. Reserve your spot by emailing me at, or by calling/messaging me at (246)838-2185. You can also see the schedule and reserve your space by contacting me on my Facebook and Instagram